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My 98 accord shut off on the highway and now it cranks but no start. I need your help

do this video, and odds are the timing belt broke or distributor went out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=064Ilsz8Fzg&t=30s

I did watch it? Whats the chance i tore the pistons in my engine since i was going 80 when it shut off

Your car has an interference engine, so if you were going 80 and the timing belt broke there is a very good likelihood that the valves and/or the pistons are bent. If the distributor went out or the ignition switch is just failing, (which often happens on this generation honda), then the valves and pistons should be fine. A compression test should tell you if you have internal engine damage.

Thanks Scott. Ihad took it for the 2 ifnition recalls. So a compression test is all ima need. Brand new ignition coil, brand new ignition switch, brand new battery, starter. I wish u were around me so u can fix it for me. Smh

Also look into the MAIN relay, as many, many 90's Hondas had issues with them as well.