My 2000 Ford Crown Vic only starts with remote start

I can only get my vehicle to start with remote start, the key when turned cranks away, but does not start it.


I have a 2000 Ford Crown Vic LX that only starts by remote start. The car starts up promptly when I use only the remote start. Now when I use the key it cranks and cranks, but does not turn the vehicle over. After attempting to use the key it's like it confuses the car, because then when I try to use the remote start key FOB (which normally starts it on the 1st attempt) it doesn't turn the car over for 1-3 attempts. After trying the key the car usually turns over on the 3rd remote start attempt, Again if I do not try to use the key it will start 100% of the time with remote start. I was hoping that someone could give me some info on this issue as I don't have a lot of tools and don't want to go into a shop clueless on this issue. The fuel pump, alternator & battery have all been replaced within 3 years. the remote is 3rd party install & I do not know what brand it is or when it was installed. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

I would guess anti theft system is messed up big time, cause anything else, other than a bad ignition switch, would make no sense that it starts with remote

Ok, thanks that makes sense as I am seeing other electrical issues popping up.