Is the Ford Focus ST a Junker?

I have a low mileage Ford Focus ST that has been relatively unreliable. Is this car a junker?

Hi Scotty,

I have a 2014 Ford Focus ST with 34k miles on it. It sometimes has a rough idle at a stop or cold startup (almost stalls out), which I'm thinking could be from carbon build up since it's a GDI turbo engine. Is this car a maintenance nightmare? I've already had a ton of suspension, computer, and door latch issues luckily all covered by warranty.

Would you get rid of this car while it still has value left?? I'm very tempted to go get a 6-speed Corolla...



yes, they are, I just fixed one this week and all the plastic crap was breaking. Get the corolla

I did a tad of research on Ford Focus for a friend looking to replace her "untrustworthy" Mustang. Up to the limits of everything legal, I did all I could to dissuade her from the Fockus. Read about Class-Action lawsuits involving thousands of unhappy consumers (lousy transmissions) etc. Strongly Rx'd she get Camry, Corolla, RAV4 (anything Toyota, actually). She bought the Focus.


Yes, it seems all the attention is on the regular Focus auto trans. I thought I would be good to go with the ST's manual transmission. I was correct - that trans is great! Unfortunately that's not the case for everything else in the car! The original strut mounts were a bad design - clicking and clunking on every turn. I had those replaced 3x before they finally put the updated part in from the '15 refresh. Luckily, all was under warranty. I've had even more issues with electronics not working, bad latches, bad LCD screens, and more. If I had to do it again, I would have placed higher priority on reliability in my car purchase.


funny...when i was in the car biz....we bought tons of focus at auction...cheap...cute little thing ...but theback doors get locked up...every one we bought the back doors didnt open or at least one of them...got tired started checking doors before auction and they were locked up too...so we just stopped buying them...didnt have to check anymore back doors!!!

a ford...i just dont like them anymore...loved the lincolns til i realized they all ate at the dinner table with me

Ha! Maybe they used to be better. We had a '97 Ford Explorer Sport 2WD 2-door with the Cologne 4.0L V6. That thing was RELIABLE and CHEAP to fix (gas guzzler tho). It was a bad configuration for where we lived (2-door 2WD 14mpg SUV in the northeast USA), but it worked!
I think Ford trucks are still good if you get the V8. 3.5 ecoboost might be better now that it has port and direct injection. I'm not a mechanic, so I'd be curious to get perspectives on those Ford vehicles.

not real big on fords.. those explorers we used to call exploders on our car lots ..we had a pile of them just parked...blown trannis

if you like a little car maybe you should consider toyota?..

do you have any warranties on it? otherwise i would definitely write to the auto maker ...also check your recalls..