I want a car with a physical key not a key fob

Hey Scotty! I m in the market for a new car but I can't find any newer model car that is no push to start.

I am not a fan of the key fob because of the same reasons why you stated in one of your videos. My current car is a 2003 Jeep Liberty and it has a key with remote. I don't mind taking my key out to unlock my car. What I do mind is people being able to open up my car because I have the key in my pocket even though it's locked. I heard that's one of the ways a woman Michigan got her car jacked. Do you know of any newer model cars that still have a key ignition and is not push to start? Thanks!

Many toyotas still have keys, go to a showroom tell them that's what you want and see what they have

The Corollas still use keys. Most of the new Camrys use push buttons.