i need scottys help on a car

please dont laugh when i say that i have a mercedes with a few minor issues due to neglect

hello scotty, ive watched your videos and think theyre great and i aspire to be a car fanatic just like you!

now then, i have a 1991 mercedes 560sel that has a few issues (shocking, i know), but most of them are just from it not being properly cared for. that being said, the first one i need help with is that the heater blower wont work, ive replaced the worn fuse and can hear it moving in the dash, it just doesnt blow, unless im driving at highway speeds, then it sorta does, but the air is ice cold instead of hot like its supposed to be. my second problem i need your help with is that i cant get the trunk lid to open, the lock works as far as i can tell, it turns and locks/unlocks the doors like it should, and i can push it in, but the lid just wont budge, im hoping either you could tell me whats wrong, or if theres an emergency release switch of some kind? i have looked it up and found people saying to look under the rear seat, but its flush with the floor and on a powered mechanism so i dont think so.

thank you so much scotty! please keep making your fun, and informative videos!

odds are it needs a new blower motor, just changed one on that model last week. Now that old thing must have vacuum locks on the trunk from what i remember. And if so, sometimes putting a big vacuum pump on the system will let you open the trunk one last time, then you can fix the lock in the trunk which may have a big vacuum leak. Good luck

I figured it might, and actually i found out the latch is bent so it just takes some vigorous wiggling but it gets there. Thank you again scotty! Keep being awesome! 😁

@ScottyKilmer one more thing i forgot to add, the steering wheel seems either loose or broken because it has some wiggle room to it and is off center when it does decide to cooperate, any tips?

jack up the car and pull on the suspension as in this video to see where steering play comes from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDAFxt46PHk