I just did a front brake job on a 2007 Pontiac Torrent. I was looking online to find torque specs for the caliper mounting bracket bolts and the bolts for the caliper pins.
I couldn’t find much info online without paying for a manual. I did find a site that said 137 ft. lbs. for the mounting bracket bolts and 20 ft. lbs. for the caliper pin bolts.
Does that seem right for the caliper pin bolts? 20 lbs. doesn’t seem like enough to me. And second, is there a good place online to find vehicle torque specs for free?

Thanks for all of your help in answering everybody’s car questions! Have a great day!

forget free, I use alldatadiy.com for 20 something bucks a year. Pins don't need that much torque cause they are just slide pins, but do look it up professionally to be sure