I have a 2007 scion TC, the clutch pedal just gave out all at once. I could hear air escaping from the boot on the slave cylinder, so i thought the slave cylinder went bad ,and replaced it. It didn't fix the problem and i was told I had to replace the brake master cylinder also. is that correct, and if that fixes it can I put the original slave cylinder back on and return the OEM which was 42.50

this is the 1st time I've come to your site , and I have no idea how long it usually takes you to respond, please scotty, my car is in the HASCA parking lot and i have to move it this morning, so please if you could tell me the answer to my "problem it could save me from having to have it towed

not the brake master, change the clutch master cylinder, that's what gives the slave fluid. Do not put the original slave back on, being 11 years old