i get up in the morning and watch a kilmer video...even if its something i already know ...i always learn something new from scotty...its like going to college again ..

well, keep on watching. I'm not going anywhere and will continue making interesing new ones

its really neat!...i left home at 15 1/2...well to do family...a girl...in calif it could be dangerous to your health and body to break down

on the road...so i would go to parts houses and ask a question about a problem and usually the guys were so friendly they even install the part i bought in the parking lot...so asking questions and reading chiltons manuals and when my cars went in shop for serious work i loved talking to mechanics and shop owners...so much to learn...i have always loved to turn a wrench but not get dirty...it kinda comes with it...ha...good mechanics are truly brilliant!..my idols!!!