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I've seen em with 350 thousand

Hello Scotty,
I’m a big fan of your youtube videos! I own a 2006 toyota matrix (one of the most underrated cars ever made) and I have recently had an issue where the passenger floorpan kept getting soaked. I believe it may be a result of a leaky heater core, because it happens only when I use the heater for an extended period of time. Where is the heater core on a matrix and hoe difficult of a task is it to fix? thanks! -Luke

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Hey Scotty, my fiancé has a 2005 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0L and we changed the plugs and wires and after doing so are having trouble with misfires. At first, we had Bosch plugs cause AutoZone recommended them but it wouldn’t run with them. So I got NGK G power and it ran but misfires and rough...I can’t figure it out as usually changing plugs and wires fixes this issue not creates it...PLEASE HELP

make sure wires are quality wires, I've gotten bad ones from them before . AND never use bosch plugs on asian cars

The wires are Duralast from AutoZone

When I went to AutoZone initially they recommended the Bosch plugs and Duralast wires. It wouldn’t run at all at first. That’s when someone told me to try NGK plugs and we got the NGK G power. And with those it will crank but it’s misfiring and giving codes for plugs or wires again

Hey Scotty, I’m in the market for a new car, specifically the 2015 or 2016 Toyota Corolla S trim. I’m just looking for something dependable to handle my commuting responsibilities, would I get better mileage out of it if I went with the 6-speed manual transmission or do I opt for the CVT? I’m leery of it as it’s relatively new technology, and I can learn how to drive a manual, but I would imagine stop and go traffic, especially down here in Atlanta where I live, would be a pain to deal with. Thanks.


Hey Scotty, I’d written you earlier. My fiancé has the 2005 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0L. When we first went to AutoZone they recommended Duralast Ignition Wire Set and Bosch plugs. So I did it that way and it wouldn’t even turn over. That’s when someone told me to use NGK plugs and we got the NGK G Power. Now it will turn over but I’m getting codes for engine misfires and it’s suggesting same thing; to change plugs and/or wires. Are the Duralast wires the wrong brand? Is that the right NGK plug for that vehicle? Please help I’m begging because I’m having no luck with this at all

hey scotty you're heaven sent,i have a 1998 buick lesabre and it dies when im driving after it gets warmed up and sometimes i have to wait for a while to start it up but when its running she awesome its has the 3.8 engine and I love it but now im letting it sit until I can find out whats going on can u help me?

Scotty2012 128i manual or 2012 gti stick. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty on dys projects but I’m not by any means an expert.

Hello Scotty. I have a 2010 Impala LTZ. When I go 20 mph and I turn to my left it makes this humming noise. I already changed the wheel bearing and it still makes the humming noise. Can you tell what else could it be?

I've seen them fail many times

get the 6 speed S, they are more fun

use ngk and a different wire set and pray you didn't short anything out working on the car, old plastic wiring often can break and short out

often a bad ignition control module will do that. Test that first

both can be money pits, but of those, GTI

check the wheel bearing on the other side, if not that, often transmission bearings do that on the entry part of the cv axle

hello there, I'm new to here before going to mechanic shop they charge me about $1,000.00 for a labor to turn on my car . I came to here to ask you a question, I couldn't find answers everywhere and there's no video in your section.
2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged 2.0
I accidentally jump started in the backwards in wrong way to battery, it started to smoke alot under the hood . I immediately took jump cables off the battery. when I get into my car, it wont start at all. I think I destroyed my car. I decide to go autozone and bought brand new battery . I replaced it and ready to turn it on. it turns on but wont start or crank at all like a dead engine. I see lights on dash and the radio is not working at all. please help me to solve issues before spending $1,000 for repair. i dont want to be fooled by mechanic. thank you scotty waiting for your answers and advices.
is there a donation that i can donate money?
if there's more information that you need from me I will gladly take videos and pictures to link to YouTube.

I don't need any donations, I am already a rich man. Jumping that backwards probably fried the main computer, check that first