Hi Sir.

Kindly check the attached picture of my engine for my Toyota Nadia (not the original engine) and advise what engine it is (the specification).

I also suffer serious high fuel consumption problem. kindly advise what causes it and how it can be controlled.

Your favorable response will be appreciated

that's a 2000 CC 4 cylinder celica engine. The main reason they get bad gas mileage is because of dirty fuel injectors, try this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKGI9N_yWd0

Thank you, sir. I really need to end this problem once and for all. Hence I just want to buy and replace the injectors with long lasting durable genuine ones which will end this problem. kindly recommend to me the best brand of injectors I can buy and from which online site. And if there is anything else I can work on to reduce the problem, kindly advise.