Hi Scotty: That same car I was asking about yesterday (the '02 Lexus in the junkyard w/ the missing wheel lock key) also happens to have a very rare option -- the factory M85 limited slip differential. I tried removing the differential from the car, but there are six, 8mm Hex bolts on each side that hold the axles to the diff. I couldn't get ANY of them to move an inch. I tried a longer ratchet, a breaker bar, drowning the bolts in PB Blaster (used the whole can actually lol!), but NONE of that seemed to persuade any of those little devils into breaking loose.

Here's a picture of the bolts in question.

How on earth do I get this darn diff out? An oxy/acetylene torch isn't really practical to take to the junkyard nor is it within my budget, but would one of those little propane torches heat them up enough to break free? Please help!