Hi Scotty, I’m having problems with my mother’s 2006 Ford Freestyle. The vehicle would run awesome, and then suddenly without warning it would throw service engine light and place vehicle in a limp mode. Turn the car off, and wait a little bit, it would go back to normal no problems. We had previously taken it to a mechanic, they werent able to diagnosis the problem and suggested clearing the code anytime it does it. We did this for a while, and it work up until a lil over a month ago and it was gone into this limp mode permanently. I can clear the codes, but once ya turn the ignition on even without cranking it, the codes come back. Any suggestions?

I can also send full diagnostic reports i pulled with my reader if needed

The CVT Transmission is going out. I have one too, and it's THIRD transmission is dying. It's got only 164,000 miles and the third transmission only lasted 10,000 miles! Get a factory rebuilt tranny. They're the only ones that last.

yes, listen to jacob