Hi Scotty, I came into a little of trouble with my 2007 Chevy Malibu, the car was running fantastic, I bough a couple of car remotes(keyless entry). I try to program them my self, and it did not work. After I try to start the car, the locks will not stop going up and down and the car won’t start. I only see the check engine light and the car with the lock on it. I try to do the 30 min program and nothing, what do you think happen with the car? I know I most likely trigger the anti theft system, but what is the best most economical solution?

Thank you for your help.


go to a good locksmith, good ones work on key systems like that and can either program it right, or find the fault. Often just bad remotes, but the device that receives it inside the vehicle can go bad too

Thank you so much! I keep you updated. :)