Hi Scotty. I am a normal guy with a smalla salary. I just want to buy a used AUDI. Do you think it is a good idea. Are used audi ok? Thanks.

One that was made before 2000. Even those from the 90's are difficult to work on, but the later ones are beautiful pieces of junk, cleverly designed by unscrupulous Germans to ruin you as they fall apart when the warranty expires and keep buying a new one every 6 years. Just buy a used Lexus

NO NO NO, endless money pits unless you find a classic from the seventies when they were well made.

Thanks a lot scotty. By the way I am from Finland

Hi Scotty, I have a Toyota Corolla type :E12T. I bought it used and now the km driven are about 280.000. Theres has been no big problems with the car. No error codes. Just sometimes brakes and things like that. Otherwise it is playing good. No problem at all. But as it start the mileage is growing....do you think I should start looking for another car? If yes, which one do you advise me? Used one, not expensive without error codes😁. Thanks a lot and take care.
Ps. Sorry for my bad english.

It is a 2006 toyota

Olli it's a toyota there's great running vehicles and last forever if they are properly taken care of if you are nervous about the car lasting I would recommend saving up instead of getting another car and enjoy the one you have so if it's are simple fix you can get the repairs done without stressing over monthly payments. ... everyone is always telling me I need to upgrade I have a 1980 toyota pickup with a 20r engine and it has over 500k miles and still runs strong but how I see it say a timing chain breaks I can fixed it for a couple hundred bucks compared to spending 6-7k for a vehicle that probably wouldn't last near as long