Hi Scotty, first of all thank you so much for doing this helpful videos, i watch you all the time. My Gf has 2006 Toyota matrix XR 1.8 4cl. engine 2wd. it has 111K miles on it and it started to have that issue, SO when you crank and start the engine the Cranking time takes significantly longer than a regular vehicle. it takes about 3 4 seconds to strat up !! what might cause this ?? i suspected the spark plugs and changed them and took the o'reilly to scan the codes if there were any but there is no codes at all !! could you help me by giving me possible problems and solutions that might help me to diagnose or fix this problem and make me look like a king to my GF. :)) thank you so much. and we haven't done any maintenance except the regular oil and filter changing and the spark plugs.

Flip the ignition switch ON and OFF several times, leaving it on for 2-3 seconds each time and see if it then fires right off. If it does, the fuel pump could be getting weak, or the check valve in the fuel pump assembly is not working very well to hold pressure. A test of the fuel pressure will be needed to verify if the fuel pump is producing proper pressure while running and if pressure is holding properly after a shut down of the engine. Another possibility is the fuel injectors are clogged up a bit, could see if a fuel injection pressure cleaning helps it. Toyota also offers a top engine cleaning service (you can buy the dispensing kit and a bottle of the cleaner on Amazon ) to clean the intake tracts and back of the intake valves of carbon.

Lastly a dealer level scan may be needed as well to take a look at the sensors, especially the MAF, IAT, ECT, and idle position at the cold start.


thank you so much for the quick reply :) at this point do you think changing the map sensor would help or should i give it a try too ? regards

i will also do those you mentioned asap

Won't matter what "I think", as that's just replacing parts without verifying there's an issue with it or not. Start with the ON and OFF test, as that will help to determine if fueling is weak at start up.

roger thank. thank you much again