Hi Scotty,
A few days back I filled gasoline in my car from a gas station I don't use regularly. After a few minutes of driving the car from the gas station, I noticed that the engine felt heavier and there was a considerable amount of vibration in the engine as well. I suspect that the gas was bad and perhaps stale as well because very few customers purchase gas from that gas station. I drove only once after filling the gas from that gas station.
Should I replace all the gasoline by sucking out this gasoline and adding fresh gasoline from the gas station I use on a regular basis or should I just mix new gas with this bad gas? My car tank is almost full and only a few litres of fresh gas can be mixed with the bad gas. The gas available here is ethanol blended. Please suggest.

suck out as much as you can and get a sample. if full of water, sue the station they are liable if it's full of water

Ok. I'll suck out most of the gasoline and will also check the sample.
Thanks and Regards