hi scotty. 99 toyota avalon. 140000 miles. upshifts a little hard and seems sluggish in 2nd gear and up. ive changed the filter already. do you think it could be shift solenoids?

more often it's just old age and some build up inside the tranny. Try removing one quart fluid and put one quart lucas tranny additive, often helps

ok, ill give that a try. one other question on the same car.

when i start it it sound like a lifter clacks for about 1 second then stops. I tried the gunk additive in the oil. didnt change anything. Whats causing it . Sticky valve?

This happened to me once, turns out, it was my exhaust manifold. One of the bolts rusted off, and the exhaust was leaking through for a minute, until it warmed up and sealed the joint by metal expansion

Thanks. Ill check for that