Hey Scotty when I'm driving i feel every bump and crack in the road unless it's newly paved..i rotated my tires and when I lifted the boots on my front struts rubber rings fell out...i know it's not good, but what will I need other than new struts, to buy parts-wise to fix the problem.

You could also go to a parts store and take a look at a complete strut assembly with spring and all to see what you'll get and compare to your old ones.

This is what it looks like

Could be that's part of the rubber boot, or the bump stop, which may be part of the strut mount, depending on the design. I don't have a parts schematic of your particular vehicle's strut design, which it why I mentioned calling the dealer or a parts store to see if you can't find out what all is suppose to be there. Take that rubber piece in with you to compare if going to the dealer or parts store in person.

Ok thanks

Oh and will aftermarket struts for a diff car fit my vehicle or is every car specific

Well, there "might" be a different model strut that bolts in place, but it may affect the car's handling so much that it may make the car unstable in an emergency situation. I'd just stick to the oem or decent aftermarket brands only for happiest result.

Kinda what i thought..it was the bumpers that cracked and ripped I don't know how that happened..i found some Gabriel struts..is there a difference between custom fit and exact fit..tjey look like the same but they are different brand than oem

And does the bumper come with the boot or separate?

You'll be fine if you go with the Gabriel brand, they've been around a LONG time. Just go by what the parts stores say will fit so you get a guarantee it'll fit. Don't know about the boot. You could again, ask the parts store what all is available for your particular vehicle for struts and parts to fix them up. Good luck!

Alright thanks for your help