My theory is all the crappy plastic parts they use that crack, Then hot flammable fluids drip onto the hot engine and ignite, Or electronics that short out get hot then start on fire.


It amuses me that BMWs cost so much, but they don't last long, yet Scotty Kilmer got his 1994 Toyota Celica for less than $300 and It'll last forever!

I once disposed of some old ATF oil by burning. Not a very green thing to do I know. It took a lot of tries before it finally caught on fire. Not as easy as you think. Gas is another story

Some ppl use used oil as heating oil

Like to heat a garage - why buy fuel when you have barrels of free oil coming in

he works outside

Still, he grew up in Niagara Falls. He said so in one of his car talks. And I bet he's got better ideas on how to heat a garage.

Plastic junk with a ton of crap electronics equals leaks and fire