Hey Scotty, this is my 3rd post on my adventure of the 2003 kia rio "restoration" (Kinda) ANYHOO, I've got an electrical question that i wanna ask a pro. Before i got it, my buddy told me that some thief had came along and stole the battery by chopping both battery cables, i found the positive cable, but i'm having a HECK of a time finding a negative cable, or a place where it could have grounded out to, and i was wondering if you could help me figure out where the factory grounding location is, or a place where i could possibly move it to if i end up not finding it. Maybe a pic would help. Ill post one below, thanks in advance!!

negative cable goes to the engine and to the frame. Get a negative cable that bolts on the battery and has two big ends on it, one to bolt anywhere on the metal engine and the other on the metal frame bolts