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Hey Scotty, my girlfriend's 2011 equinox with the 2.4 L ecotech sounds like a tractor when it starts up every so often. Cant really find a pattern for it based on when and where it happens. Ive heard its possibly the camshafts running with no oil on them when first starting. Is correct? Is it something else? Is there a way to prevent?

yes, those are known for timing chain and or cam problems. Make a video WHEN it's making the noise and post it here, I can tell by that


alrighty ill give it a shot tonight. I checked her oil today. her oil change was done 2 months ago by a mom and pop shop. i believe that they did not use dexos approved oil. She was 2 quarts low and i believe the car was burning oil and she has very very minor leaks if any at all. i told her not to go back there and instead head to valvoline. But yes ill try to get you a vid soon. Thanks so much Scotty.