Hey Scotty, long time fan here, have few questions.

My 2001 Cadillac Catera has 80,000 miles on it.

Having heat problem, my vents blow out cold air, brought it to a mechanic, couldn't fix it. Took it to another mechanic, couldn't fix, said he cant find the problem. Otherwise, car runs perfectly fine.
Thanks, Zack.
Antifreeze full, radiator good, hoses run hot. I'm thinking its either electronic or blocked vent.
Also noticed wet passenger side carpet recently.


realize that is not a caddie, it's a rebadged Opel, insane german technology. Even the heater is run by computers and requires a dealer level scanner to work on it. Try to find someone with such a machine, but few have em.

Thank you for your fast response. I guess I'll take it to a caddie dealer and yes I'm aware that it's German made, English engine and French transmission ahhaha

What the hell was Cadillac thinking? I got lucky, bought the car used from an older lady. 1 owner. Never had issues. Runs excellent. Just the heater has been acting up