Hey Scotty, I was just at the dealer today having another key made for my cousin's 2006 Ford Escape. While in the waiting room, all of us there took a trivia, and whoever got the most answers right won a free oil change at the dealer, and I won the free oil change! The cashier said that was a $42 service for FREE! Is it a good idea to go there more often to gamble like that for free oil changes?

not really, it's just to get you in there and I'll bet they try to sell you other stuff while doing the oil change. See that ALL the time

Well, I told them I do my own work on the car most of the time, and that I'll take care of anything else that needs repaired, and that I'll just have the oil change, so I guess I'm in luck!

What Scotty is talking about here is an ages-old sales gimmick called "The Upsell." They get you in there by a "Free Offer" or discount, then "Sell you Up" by finding things in the engine compartment while dinking around w/ your oil. I've owned the same vehicle 27-years and would NOT let ANYONE but me touch the oil/filter changes. Watch any number of zillions of YouTUBE videos on the monkey business they pull while under YOUR hood. And how do you know they "really" change the oil? Or really use new oil, not recycled? Or change the filter? How do you know for sure? That's right. You don't know unless you DIY. That "FREE" oil change really isn't "free," is it?

Oh I see!