Hey Scotty, I've got an issue with my fuel gauge I believe.. The owners manual states I have a 21 gallon tank. I was driving for quite a while with the gas light on, the needle being well below the E.. (Which isn't good I know, air can be sucked into the fuel pump. But I never do that normally) so I stopped to fill the tank and it only took 16.5 gallons, so I let it sit for a minute and then tried to continue filling it, thinking maybe it shut off early and wasn't full. It got up to 16.6 and shut off again. So I put the gas cap back on and started the car and the fuel gauge read FULL. I'm wondering where that 4.5 gallons that's unaccounted for went? I have put 18 and 19 gallons in it when it was empty before... Any thoughts? Thanks for all your help on my previous questions

gas gauges are inaccurate as they age. Get your vin number, call a dealer, they can tell if you if it has a 21 gallon tank.

The owners manual said and from what I've seen online it has a 21 gallon tank and I have put 19 gallons in it before, but ill call the dealer.

So it is possible that the light came on telling me the tank is empty but there is still 3 or 4 gallons in it?