Hey Scotty,
I own 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 and usually just drive it back and forth to school. Yesterday morning I left to go to school and my truck suddenly just stopped driving. It didn’t die or anything it just wouldn’t drive. So I get out and look under the hood and a transmission hose that goes to the radiator had randomly comes un attached and almost all my Transmission fluid was leaked out on the ground. I have no idea why the hose came un attached I’ve never even had problems with my transmission till now. Anyway the next day we tow my truck back to my house And reattach the hose and put new transmission fluid in the truck but now the truck will barely move without the rpms goings sky high. It does drive still but rpms skyrocket. Do you think the transmission is slipping or could it be something simple? Or should I change the filter like you did in your video? Or do think the transmission isn’t done for? Any help would be very appreciated Scotty. Thanks for the Videos! Also it is an automatic.

make sure the fluid is now full inside the tranny , when emptied out they hold MANY quarts of fluid, some as many as 14 qts. But if it's full, tranny is now burned out from running dry

Thanks for the help