Hey Scotty, I'm looking at a 1994 Nissan Hardbody 5 Spd 4x4. The guy trying to sell it told me that the only thing that didn't work on the truck was the ac. I asked what was wrong with it, if it needed a new compressor or something, and he replied, "Needs a bolt put in the tensioner and a belt." This answer kind of confuses me. Do you think you might be able to elaborate? It would seem to me that if the belt was so bad that the ac doesn't work, that there would be other problems too.... Thanks love your videos.

they made them a lot better back then. But that old, isn't worth much. If it just needs a tensioner belt and a fan belt and runs good, could be a decent run around truck

Thanks I can’t say enough about how much it helps to have someone to ask about these things