Hey Scotty, I Know you've seen this car before, but ive got something to ask you. A few months ago, a buddy of mine wanted to sell this car, but he ended up GIVING it to me as he's trying to clean his yard out. ANYWAYS i want to get your opinion on whether its worth even trying to mess with it. its a 2003 kia rio with 218k miles on it, he gave me the clean title and keys. The issue with this one is that a flood swept through and basically flooded it out. I checked the engine oil and other fluids and they're both clean with no water in them. i havent jump started it yet in fear of a fire starting. A buddy of mine who does car detailing said he's come in and help me clean the mold out. but im just CURIOUS if its worth really trying to mess with it or just scrap it. Ill post a video of me walking around it below. thanks a bunch!

heck, try starting it, if it doesn't start with a new battery, scrap it. they don't really start on fire just starting up when flooded, they generally just don't start at all if water was deep