Hey Scotty, I just took a 1200 mile trip to visit my grandparents from Montana to South Dakota. I drove my 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 with the Hemi 5.7. I had absolutely no problems but after I arrived, I inspected my truck and discovered that the whole undercarriage and tailgate is covered in oil. I checked the dipstick and there was no oil on it but the odd part is that I had driven it 10 minutes before to move it out of the way and the gauges on the instrument cluster were perfectly fine and there are no engine lights. Also the truck sounds absolutely fine when running. Of course I haven't started it since now because I'm afraid to. I thought maybe the oil pan is leaking and I went underneath, however the oil is gathering all over the pan and a little bit above and that seemed kind of strange especially when in your oil pan video you said to make sure there was no oil above the pan. So yeah, now I'm kind of stuck 1200 miles from home and I could really use any word of advice you have and I'm a bit hesitant to take it to mechanic here lest I get myself a hefty bill for the repairs when it could be a simple problem. Also I was running full synthetic 5w-20 in it but then I found out it actually uses 5w-30 because it doesn't have the MDS. Could that have something to do with it?

well, you have to find the leak. I would put a few quarts of oil in it and see if the leak is giant or not and pray it's not bad news like a leaking rear main oil seal. Good luck

Thanks, I had to put 4 quarts of oil in to get it to the safe zone (out of the 7 qts the engine takes) and I'm planning to get it washed tomorrow or Monday so I can actually pinpoint the leak, I don't think it would be the main rear oil seal because the oil starts at the front of the engine and goes all the way back, I don't really have much else to do then unless I buy some oil leak dye but there's no place that sells that here. Also I'm almost positive that the leak isn't that big because I needed to drive it a couple of miles a few hours ago and the oil stayed in it and everything checks out. Plus it didn't blow up the engine on the interstate where it obviously was leaking Any suggestions?