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Hey Scotty, I just bought an 05 f150 with a 5.4. Truck is in very good shape and has been well maintained. But. It has 211000 miles. It is running very smooth but I am wondering about the cam phases and the plastic timing chain guides. When would you look to replace them?

timing chain should be in your manual for schedule of replacement..i dont know if they list the guides tho..211 nice..prob run 400k...as long as you follow manufact specifications...scotty might know if he has seen reoccurring problems dealing with this model vehicle tho...

Unfortunately there is,no owners manual. That is why I am asking. Engine runs really well. No smoke and doesn't seem to leak either. The truck did do some towing of something heavy enough to nerd a brake controller. I am just trying to plan good maintenance to keep the truck in good condition.

basically, take care of it. If guides and phasers wear seriously, it will run off and eventually trip codes and turn the check engine light on