Hey Scotty I have question.
I don't know if there is a problem with my 02 sensor or the Cat Converter on my Subaru H6 2005. I just got an P0420 cat inefficiency code. I basically do not find any cat converter inefficient symptoms like bad gas mileage or vehicle doesn't accelerate after a certain speed limit, However, acceleration is little sluggish and I can feel that lack of power during throttle. I just changed my PCV since I noticed it to be completely clogged. My car is quite smooth now, check engine is not on yet, I am not sure what exactly is happening here in my engine.
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those systems are so UBER complex, but if it runs fine, guys often just leave em alone. Heck, sometimes I've found running one tank of shell V power high test gasoline makes the code go away. Basically, if it runs fine, it's hurting nothing. Figuring it out takes a REAL pro charging 140 dollars an hour to fool around with your car, realize that.

I have a new problem now. Yesterday, I was running back from work, my engine temperature level seems to climb up all of sudden. I parked down a street, let the engine cool then I have checked the coolant level in the radiator, it seems to be empty completely. When I have topped up the coolant in the radiator and idle it around 3000 rpm, my coolant bumps out of the radiator in some white and green mixed liquid. I am completely unsure, what is that, a blown head gasket? or simple thermostat issue or anything else. I checked the engine oil level and the oil cap, they seems to be completely fine. Please suggest me a simple trick, I am a student and I will not be able to afford if that's an head gasket issue. Thanks in advance.