Hey Scotty,I changed my thermostat, water pump,and I got a radiator from the junk yard.why is coolant coming out of my a/c condenser and I think the bottom of the radiator to???

Sorry it a 2003 dodge grand caravan

junk yard radiator is probably crap then, only thing near the cond is the radiator. Pressure test it

Ok,so coolant should not be coming out of the a/c condenser?

Yells 12, are you 100% certain that what you're seeing is radiator coolant, and not refrigerant oil that might have a greenish tint? Is your antifreeze greenish-yellow? Possible leak in your coolant system unrelated to your radiator. Worth checking out both systems. As Scotty said, pressure test it. Pressure test your cooling system to rule out a leak in that circuit.


Yes its coolant.it comes out the bottom and right out the front of the a/c condenser on the driver side.and there's no coolant after I run it for 15 mins or so.ok thanks.