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HELP! No job I need money and have 2 cars

With no job for 3 months and 2 cars, what should I do?

I lost my job back on December 1st 2017. I am pressed for cash but I
have 2 cars. Recently they both have taken a turn for the worse. 2007 Ford
Taurus 230,000 miles and a 2001 VW Jetta 180,000 miles. Both Had a flat tire I
mounted a new one for the Jetta but then the motor stopped running (maybe spark
plugs). I am not looking forward to fixing that in the winter here in upstate
NY with no garage. Should I sell the Ford and put more money into the VW or do
I sell the VW and pour money into the Ford? Maybe I should move to Texas,
this place sucks.

Ford, VWs are endless money pits

Thank you! I was beginning to see that.

Agreed.. There's Ford parts everywhere you go... Same for GM and Dodge. VW part are expensive!