Help me pick a car

Car totaled; need new wheels,,,

My 08 mazda 3 hatch got "tboned". Shop wants 5,2K to repair, so time for new car. I am looking at a 18 Camry or 17 Impreza hatch or Crosstrek. My wife has a Crosstrek, so I like Subaru. I want a car that will last, safe for my daughter and a nice to drive. What are some other options in addition to what I have selected?

camry is really the best over time. they can reach 500 thousand miles if basically maintained

Toyota. They hold their value. Get Blue Book values on all those vehicles you're looking at, compare year-for-year and see how Toyota holds its resale value. Parts easy to get. Relatively good prices for OEM Toyota parts. Easy (relatively) to work on. Why not get 2015, 2016 e.g., let someone else eat the depreciation?

Realize the Camry just got redesigned, and the new four-cylinder model with the eight-speed automatic transmission gets six MPG better on the highway than the Corolla.