Hello Scotty,

I sent an email to you about car product cooperation few days ago.
Our company has more than 2,000 kind of product sales in the Amazon.
Such as: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074PQGRP6
We also saw your youtube channel and it is professional for doing reviews.
If you can help us we can offer the sample to you. Any other you want you can ask me too.
My email is Jessica@zeepin.cc

Waiting for your reply!

I've done too many dash cam vids, send me a list off ALL your products, I'm looking more for cutting edge stuff that would really interest my millions of viewers.

This is our supplier website. The product information also in the product page. If you choose it we can talk about the reviews detail.

Hello Scotty, can you give me some idea about the product?

I am still waiting for your answer. :)