Hello Scotty I just bought a 96 Camaro on the way home it overheated and died the temp gauge never read hot, well I had it towed home and have not been able to get it to start since where do you recommend I start looking first

blown head gasket. remove the radiator cap, have someone crank the engine, and if you put your hand on the hole where the cap was and you feel pressure coming out at your, it's blown for sure

the head gasket is blown for sure but I still can not get it to start it will turn over and act like its trying but will not quite start, I put in new plugs and new wires, checked to see if the plugs are getting spark and all are and the fuel rail has pressure I don't know how much but I can tell the fuel pump is working, could the overheating have blown my ecu? it started fine before this happened there were no issues I am at a loss.