Hello. I have a 2006 Pt. Cruiser. I was driving on the highway and when I pushed on the gas it wouldnt go and made a noise like a sound of playing cards in the spokes of a bicycle so I pulled off to the side and the car kept drifting like it had power kept going up the hill slowly until I shut it off then it wouldn't start again do you know what that could be?

sounds pretty much like the end. Engine probably was blowing. But pray it's a bad alternator wearing out the battery. See if it jump starts and pray it will

No it wont. We tried. I just got a new head gasket and header put in 3 mos before by a horrible mechanic could he have caused this?

So I guess kink it?

Junk it?

Before junking your ride, watch Scotty's YouTUBE Video, "How to Check for a Blown Head Gasket in Your Car - DIY with Scotty Kilmer" (Published on Jan 23, 2010). Do the test. Then you'll have informed consent for your decision. Next time consider a Toyota. There's a reason Toyota is the #1 car manufacturer in the world.