Hello again. I also have a 1995 corolla that just turned 120,000 miles. Rides and idles great. The only issue is that starting around 35-40 miles an hour the car starts to shake. It stops around 70 miles per hour or when not accelerating. Had the left CV axle replaced during the Maryland inspection. I have also heard that the passenger side motor mount commonly go bad on these. So either passenger motor mount or the right side CV axle. Heard these also can go due to longer length. I do need to get the timing belt done soon and some of the same stuff that needs to be removed for the timing belt and water pump also need to be removed for the motor mount. I see a few older corolla owners here and wondered if you had the same issue and what was the issue? Thanks so much.

OK, first, go to a good front end shop, most give free estimates. Cause that's often an out of balance tire, or a front end out of alignment. Always start with the logical checks first.