He's Scotty I didn't get a chance to get it question out on the Show I was a little bit late but just recently bought a 1987 Toyota 4Runner it's got 263 thousand miles on it and got stuck in 3rd gear recently and how to drive it home like that what's your first couple ideas what the problem might be

heck, I could drive it in third alone, done that many times. PRAY it's a linkeage problem, and not broken internal third gear, that costs a ton

Thanks for your input:)

It's really weird I can't even get it to go in neutral it's just stuck in 3rd even with force it won't come out of 3rd in too neutral ?

My 1991 Toyota pickup's (manual transmission) gearshift got stuck once. Turned out to be the linkage immediately under the stick shifter. $3.00 part, Dealer charged $89 labor to install. But I was relieved it didn't involve transmission. These days I'd have bought the part and installed it myself. Eliminate this-- it's the part right under the shifter's shaft. Maybe you can see the part under your gearshift's boot? '87 4Runner wicked vintage! Hope you get it squared away James M.

Thank you I will definitely look into that