Got a 2004 Acura TSX. Air conditioner compressor locked up. Mechanic replaced it. 14 months later the compressor blew up. Replaced it again under warranty. I asked the mechanic if it is the condenser unit being clogged the caused the problem and he said it is not clogged. I was wondering should I take it to another mechanic to get the condenser unit replaced. The AC unit seems nice and cold but I realize a drop in MPG.

yes, he is a fool. Just changing out a compressor, then it blows, and changing it again is not fixing the root problem.

During hot weather like 105 deg. It will blow cold air and turn warmer. Wait couple minutes it turns cold again or when the car is moving it gets cooler again. Do you think the condenser unit is clogged. The compressor needed to work harder? I know the freezon is good because they just replaced the compressor.