Good morning, Scotty. I am doing brakes on my finance's 2008 Mini Cooper. The Torx screw holding on the rotor will not budge. I do have the proper torx head, but it just keeps popping out when I go to turn it. Any idea how I can get it out?

drill it out my friend they are useless anyway you dont need them :)

Reverse thread drill? Also, do I need to put a new screw in its place?


I just did this on my silverado front rotor. I used a small metal drill bit and wd40 to save the bit. Then use a larger size and keep going up until the bolt is gone. Start in the center and it will eventually break away from the treads. There is no need to replace the screw after as your lug nuts hold on your rotor. I think these screws are just for manufacturing so that rotors dont fall off down the assembly line.... or for extra security but useless none the less lol I just leave them off on my vehicles never had an issue and its common practice around here but upto you. You can get a new screw if you tap the hole proper.

ok thanks

I would just use an impact drive wrench and hammer, usually always does the trick.

Looks like this:

Thanks, but I am not spending another penny on my finance's piece of crap mini. I am handing this off to my family mechanic and he can deal with it. You know what Mini stands for?
Need of
Waste of

Endless money pits just like Beemers:)

dont pay a mechanic simple metal drill bit and second hand drill 15 dollars max :)