Good morning Scotty, hope you're doing well. Maybe you can help me out I bought a 96 Acura RL with around 255000 miles on it. I replaced the spark plugs started to have a misfire in one of my cylinders. When I changed the plugs I noticed oil in one of the spark plug wells .so I cleaned it out amd changed valve cover gasket and plug o-rings and put a new coil pack as well since I rip the boot. Ever since finishing these repairs I've had pretty poor performance. I disconnected the battery for an extended period of time so I follow procedure for Honda/ Acura idle relearn. My car was more peppy after this but I still can't rev over 3000 RPMs I also have a really hard time taking off from a full stop. However once I get up to speed there's no problem at all . I can drive at highway speeds all day long . At this point I don't have a check engine light so I don't know where to go from here. Thanks for reading hope to hear back from you soon.