First i want to thank you for your tips in the awesome videos.
I have a 2004 chrysler pacifica, and it clunks between first and second gear when shift, more noticable at lower speed. (automatic).
I had changed the fluid/filter , shift solenoid and speed sensors. After reading posts on line, I am thinking the accumulator springs in the transmission may be at fault
I am thinking of replacing it and wandering if i can change it out by just removing the transmission pan cover to get to it? Can i remove the accumulator after the pan cover removal? (i do not want to venture too far with removing the valve body etc...( it may be too much for me to handle).

you'd really need to remove the valve body to do that stuff, and those trannys stink anyway. Live with it , get rid of it soon if you're smart, or spend a ton rebuilding the whole stupid thing