Dear Scotty, I was driving my 2003 Buick Century the other day and it just shut off it completely lost power to everything no dash lights no interior lights no headlamps no power to anything and when i turn the key to the full on position only the check engine soon light comes on and that's it nothing else no door chime or anything, it has a brand new battery, new relays and fuses i just bought a brand new ECU (computer) pre-programmed so im guessing it has to have a short somewhere but I cannot find it, the ignition relay is drawing power with the key off as soon as you connect the battery terminals you can hear the relay engage and disengage wheni disconnect the battery when i put a voltmeter on it and its drawing 12 volts without the key turned on please help me I cannot find the short or where it's grounding out at anywhere to save my life this is my only vehicle and I can't afford to take it to a shop and pay those prices.... Thanks you for any help you can give.

well, get a good meter and start checking power and ground wiring for loss of continuity from both battery cables to everywhere they connect. There has to be a power loss or ground loss somewhere

So i went and bought a good multimeter that has continuity, do you have any advice on where i should start checking first and is the ignition relay supposed to have constant power with the key off?

Hey scotty im sorry for asking again but im at a loss on where i should start testing at, if you could please tell me where id be very grateful. Thank you for your help so far 👍👍

So it's alive and running. I got 0 trouble codes and no ses lights after performing the relearn procedure for my key.. I've read in multiple places that a crankshaft positioning sensor relearn procedure was needed if the ses light comes on or it missfires and such but it's not showing any signs of either so do I still need to do the procedure? I do t have a tech 2 scanner or anything that can do it and the dealer wants 180$ to do it.. so is it ok to drive as is or should I pay for the procedure?