Dear Friends and Supporters of On The Road With Scotty
I’m about to move to an exciting new phase of expanding car help. I’m inviting a select few of supporters to join as volunteer hosts and contributors for this endeavor. I have joined a coalition of highly accomplished independent media companies and causes, all hosted on an incredible shared technology called “TheMaven,” which is a public company operated by senior executives and engineers from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, thePlatform and others. This will provide everyone with a more significant and integrated role in our content and communication. These Seattle dudes really impressed me when I met them, and I expect great things to come out of this.
I’m looking for friends passionate about their vehicles to ensure our new community plan sets a great tone and culture. The tools are amazing, and for those chosen, provide an opportunity to be part of our global team. We believe it will be fulfilling - and fun! - and you’ll be among the first to see, use and test our new platform. I’m looking for hosts/contributors for the following rooms: Live Car Talks, Car Repair Videos, Cool Tools, Ask Scotty, and Cool Cars.
If you want to apply, please send me a one-page summary of your passion and motivation to help in one or more of the above communities, and include your qualifications and perhaps a sample photo, video or written work, if you think it’s helpful. We’re looking for people who care deeply about their vehicles and want to help others.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Scotty Kilmer
Respond to: Scottykilmer@gmail.com

Scotty, I have watched for years. I am a physically disabled 24 year old. I do vast amounts of DIY repairs on the family fleet as well as friends cars. I would love to help.

Great. It's done

Hey, I just posted my first question on here, then read your post regarding all that is "themaven".
I grew up in a large mixed up family, being the youngest son, i was tasked to helping dad under whichever car truck rv van bike, desert toy, go cart boat... Whatever vehicle we needed to tend to each weekend, or whatever jalopy one of my siblings brought home. Thought I haven't soutced the cause of my recent repair, I DO have much experience in the shade tree mechanic arena;from rebuilding brake cylinders to full engine rebuilds. There is nothing like fixing it yourself, except fixing it up yourself!
Let me know if I might lend a hand.

sure, I just made you a moderator. Have fun

Where do I begin?

click on the 3 lines and it gives you tons of choices to move conversations or videos from a wrong section to a right one, click on 3 dots of stories so you can remove or ban people who post offensive or obvious spam ads from people trying to place those. and click on the Internal top story line at the top to talk ONLY with me and moderators to share helpful hints and stuff amongst us.


Scotty i just got my first car and its a jem... Maybe. But, i will spill all of that in that email. If you want help im gonna do my best.

Great, thanks

Scotty I care about my Chevy's despite what ppl...say just look at my engine bay....I am always looking for creative ways to make a car unique and custom to the owner...i will be posting pic where i can. Your the only mechanic i truly Trust...I want to help out with cool cars

great, I just made you a moderator in the cool car section. Have fun and post anything you find on cool cars. Pictures, videos (yours or links) and have Fun.

Scotty, i have a deep love for all older cars almost anything 99 and before! I would love to help in any way i can also love to work on motercycles.

Hey Scotty big fan and go to you always when I can figure stuff out.. very hands on person and love getting my hands dirty as well as love helping people. So if I can apply my services to those who need it id be happy to help. I live in Canada and specialize in imports as a type and body work is a thing I've spent a lot of time on as I live in eastern Canada where there's more slat on the roads then in the ocean and more pot holes than road .

Great, I graduated from York University when mammoths roamed the Ontario plains. I just made you a moderator. Have fun, post good pictures and videos and stories (yours or others, we love sharing here) and overall have fun.

Hi Scotty I need help iam realy scratching my head on my truck its a 1995 k1500 tbi 350. Was a auto I made to a five speed nv3500 trucks runing but won't take rpm will bog and not run at all and stalls out I know this tends to show a fuel pump going but I did just toss 1 in was a used 1 I had truck was showing codes 52. 15 14. I and the 02 code. Since being ob1 I had to do the flash codes. None not showing any codes but won't rev past 2k rpm if I keep messing withbthe pedal as its runing some time won't rev past 1000k rpm what am I missing when its at item no miss or back fires or pops could the pump have went agin ?. Thanks. Shawn.phillips59@yahoo.com for a faster replay keep up the great videos sir

realize swapping transmissions will mess with computer settings as the truck was set up for an automatic. Have a pro like me scan it with a good scanner like snap on brick and see if anything in the data or software is off.

Hey Scotty I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze lt when I’m accelerating it will shift smooth but once I start to slow slow it will down shift hard in 2 nd then into 1 st gear it’s automatic transmission then sometimes when I slow down the car will kinda jump/jerks replaced spark plugs shift solenoid and also check trans mounts kinda lost at the moment would you know what it could be

those have the worse trannys GM ever made, I have a customer on his 3rd one under warranty. NEVER buy another, and really you are best to get rid of it soon or just drive it till it drops rather than spend that kind of money as yours is out of warranty

Glad to see you expanding. I love my Cherokee. Wish you had a video about them

@ScottyKilmer Do they sell blue drivers at an auto parts store? I liked that device that you used. I have an iPad and I can use it if I ever want to look at computer problems in my moms 2008 Ford F-150. It doesn’t have any problems right now but I was just using it as an example.

Amazon sells BlueDriver $99.00 + free shipping.