Dashboard issue !

i had this issue and notifications were showing continuously in my dashboard,whats the problem here? plz help me out :(

here is the video link. I don't know what to do exactly,i changed the battery but it started again later on..

Have you checked you grounds? Lots of new cars do that if a ground comes loose or corrosion occurs they need a certain voltage kept to act correctly

yes, check grounds and wiring first , And of course load test the alternator, many places do that free like auto zone

Hello Mr Scotty. I went to the dealership to check and they said ETAC system was losing communication with the vehicle sensors. what i should do now? Do i have to change the whole ETAC ECU ? Is there any thing i can tell them to fix specifically ? Because here in dubai they charge a lot for a single work. Is there anything i can do by myself to fix this issue or i have to replace it anyway? Is it cost much to replace the ETAC ECU? Please Mr Scotty make a video regarding this issue cause i have seen so many videos that people are having problems same as mine but they don't know exactly what it is and how to fix.

Please kindly answer my questions what i should do now. Thanks