Brake Problem or Bearing Hub Problem?

Issue with my rear drum brake or possibly the bearing assembly | 2011 Jetta

I have a problem with my rear drum brake or possibly the bearing assembly on my 2011 Jetta (yeah, it still has a drum brake :|)

Issues: I get a very slight and dull grinding noise when braking at low speeds, more prevalent when backing out of the driveway and a dull "womp womp" when braking at high speeds, like coming off the highway.

What I've done: I changed the shoes and had the drum resurfaced, this didn't fix the issue at all so I assumed it was a problem with the drum, so naturally I replaced that. The problem is still there.

I did hit a pot hole a while back, I was wondering if it could be my bearing / hub assembly causing the noises while braking? I checked for play in the bearing and it spins freely with no grinding noises.

I'm at a loss.

yes, bearings often go bad and will wear so months after hitting a hole they go bad enough to make noise

We have the same issue on our 2011 Jetta - womp womp noise and slight grinding when going around corners. Noise is still there after replacing rear drums and shoes. Did you replace the bearings? Did that fix your issue?