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My Honda insight it's been one month I have done service I have been driving one month for 1400 miles after, that my oil engine went low it shows on the dashboard oil engine sign after that I took my car to the garage and they said there is no leak they said there is a problem in the engine plus the engine is weak. My car is 62 plate 2012 it has 71000 mileage, I just don't understand what's the problem with my car please can you try and help me by emailing it to me you can email me on: thank you.

Hey Scotty, I have a question I’d like your opinion on. I put my 04 Honda Odyssey in my barn for the winter. 4-5 months concrete slab, no heat or electricity in this barn keep in mind. I’ve only topped off the gas tank and added stabil. What else should I do to keep it tip top and As far as battery goes what should I do?

Remove bat and trickle charge

Hay Scotty I have a problem with my car that turns off sometimes when I turn it on and sometimes I have to do it like 5 or 6 times before it turns on is a 2004 Acura rsx with 153xxx and it also Shifts the gears to early or to late so what would that be too ?

old age does that, but try this video and pray it makes it better without having to replace fuel injectors or other major work

Is the All data library worth it? Especially they have their own scan tool never used. Wondering if its good and what it can do and if its worth the money??

all data is great for pro mechanics, but is not cheap. For diy guys, it's just great for one car at a time cause it's only twenty something bucks a year for one model

Hey Scotty. I've been in a pickle for some time and really need some help. I've got an 1988 Porsche 944 that has a massive short in the system. When I tried connecting the battery it was so bad it chewed up the battery terminal. I tried to do a parasitic draw test and it blew up my multi meter. I thought I narrowed it down to the starter solenoid but even after replacing that component it still shorts. I've re wrapped the wire that connects to the battery to the starter just to be safe. And it still happens when the alternator is disconnected from the starter so I don't think it's the starter. What could it be? And how would I continue to diagnose the system without connecting the battery and frying components

well, start by removing the biggest wires first on the system to what they are connected to. when the frying stops, that's the system to test down from the big wires to the smaller ones it feeds. Just do that process and realize that car is worth maybe 500 bucks so don't go too far

Hey Scotty I have a 03 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab 5.9 v8. I have two questions. One is about the tranny’s in these because I know they have a bad rep for transmission going out but am I safe with a 03? And my gear shifter in my truck from time to time won’t go into drive. When I turn truck off and back on then it will. What’s wrong??