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Live Car Talk - On The Road With Scotty

Live Car Talk - On The Road With Scotty

You can ask Scotty your car questions live on his weekly LIVE car talk totally FREE.
You Can Ask Scotty Questions LIVE On His Car Talk Show

Yes, you can ask Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 49years, LIVE questions on his live car talk thursdays and saturdays. Help is just a click away

Was wondering how to listen to yourge radio show live, I am not to savvy Internet wise but would like to try

Just come here at thursday 1 pm cst or sat morning 10 am CST and click on the video that says "Scotty's next live car talk is whatever date is next " on the top carosel and that link takes you to the live car talk right away

For some reason, I'm having trouble starting an original topic on this website. Whenever I try to post a question I get a "Post to" button followed by a drop down arrow. Clicking on either one does nothing and I can't post my question. I hope it will post here as a reply.

I'm looking to do some automatic transmission maintenance. What should I do first, drop the pan and replace the filter, or do a fluid exchange? My Ford Explorer has 54,000 miles on it.

no problem, you know computers, always doing something whacky. Drop thee pan and filter, only flush old junkers that have serious problems already and pray it doesn't make them worse

. Hey Scotty . I have ford fusion 2011 (186411 Mile) heater Core was leaking so i bypass it .there is any effects on the engine ?

no, not as long as the bypass just hooks the two hoses together so water flows through the heads

Hey Scotty I have a 1969 Buick skylark. After starting your car the other day I put it into drive and press on the accelorator. The car backfired, the engine died, and all the electronics in the car died. I tried starting again and nothing electrical in the car works . I cannot even turn on the headlights. I check the battery and my battery tester is showing that the battery is good. I have no idea what to check on it please help.

check the wiring from the battery, both power and grounds for shorts. And also check the ignition switch

Scotty I'm having problems with my 1995 chevy S10 ZR2 i tried upgrading my injectors to the new multiple port injectors and now my truck misfires and now it only runs on 3 cylinders the pcm is a 1996. I took it to my mechanic he kept it for 20 days to tell me he doesn't know what's wrong with it he fixed a few broken grounds but no other broken wires he said the wiring harness to the injectors isn't functioning right

I've seen guys try that, and all failed. i'd go back to the old injection system

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