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Put the stock intake back on OR spend thousands to set this right (you need a REAL PRO with a 5 gas analyser and dynamometer plus lots of time to rewrite the software in your car computer, forget it, not worth it-cold intakes do almost nothing as an isolated "upgrade").

Sounds like a bad alternator, have the battery load tested, weak batteries ruin alternators (which in turn can fry a car's computer).

Scotty I need help. My 06 mustang has a roar from the back that gets louder the faster the car is going. I jacked the back wheels up and they do not spin freely. The wheels do not shake and the car does not shake when turning. Is it the rear wheel bearings? Or is it the differential? Please help

hello Scotty, I'm in the hobby airport area. my 96 tercel gas gauge is erratic when I drive and goes to full only when driving.changed sending unit didn't work. I'd like to book an appointment . how do I go about booking an appointment with you??

Hi scotty my car makes a squealing noise when I'm coming to a stop or if I'm driving at low speed, the noise doesn't occur when REVERSING.The noise goes away for a while if I pour water all over the wheel and usually smoke/heat comes out when I pour the water and also the wheel goes extremely hot after around 10 mins of driving and that's when the noise occurs . Can you please suggest what's wrong as I've took it to my mechanic and he's not sure why it's doing that.

The link below is something Similar to the noise I hear but even you brake to come to a stop you can hear it.

Hello scotty I have a honda civic 2010 with 142k kilometers. Sometimes when I come to a stop I feel a shake or vibration which I think is coming from engine. It's a short vibration then it stops and sometimes it vibrates again. I think i feel it too sometimes while driving. What could be causing it? Thank you very much

I also noticed my Power steering fluid is boiling


Hi Scotty, just bought a 69 Cougar. What should I have the mechanic do/check/change to make sure it's all good to go? Thanks

Hi Scotty I have big problem my dash lights and marker lights and the tail lights don’t work. My 15amp fuse keeps on blowing when I turn on the headlights on. What do think is going on. It’s on 2004 Ford Explorer.


Hi Scotty. I just changed the front brake hoses on my 2006 Suzuki Forenza. Now the brakes seem really sensitive and th pedal a little soft. Or it just could be me not used to the way the braked are supposed to feel. WHo knows how long the original hoses have been going bad

Please Advise

JD Koch

hey Scotty, I love what your doing and have gleaned a ton of info from your youtube channel. Great work and keep it up. I do have an issue with 2003 audi a6 3.0, my problem is with the temp gauge, When I start up my car after letting it sit overnight (outside temp is 68*) my gauge reads it's at temp, I turn on the heater to see if it blows out hot air and it doesn't. I drive about 30 miles to work, at about mile 20 the gauge starts to show the car is overheating, but it's running fine, it's not blowing thru the expansion tank. Now if I keep my speed at 60 mph it won't overheat. What would be the problem? Temp probe, therm stat? Thanks for any info you can give me and awesome channel!!!

Scotty, any known problems with Ford's 4.6l V8, specifically in the 05-09 Mustang GT I have 135k on mine and it makes a slight ticking in idle and drive, car still works great thank you.

Hey, whenever I need some work done to my trucks I aways watch your videos. Thanks for all the help! I got a 2007 chevy colorado. I was changing the trailer wiring harness in the back of the truck and thanks to me not being careful i shorted it out by letting wires touch for too long. This blew the left trail lamp fuse and both brake lamps fuses, so then i replaced them. Right after i replaced them the headlight were lost somewhere in between. I had them before. Went over all fuses and tested everyone. All good. So then i left it over night and when I tried the headlights in the morning i smells something buring up in the cab, so i quickly unhooked the terminal for the battery. When i put it back on the truck wouldnt start. It had no dashlights, but the engine light. The 4 way hazard lights will work, but not the blinkers. Before i take it to the shop, i was wondering if you had any ideas what the problem would be. Thanks

hy scotty i love your videos your awesome im having a bit of a problem on my honda accord 97 it wont start i got spark i got fuel going in but when i spray it starter fluid it starts then dies can you help me

I lost my initial question, so here I go again.
on a 1997 Ford Taurus g. It cranks and cranks and won’t start
The only code was for the temperature sensor.
I replaced both.
I changed all 6 spark plugs
Replaced The crank position sensor.
It is getting spark
If I take off shader valve and turn key on it does shoot fuel out.
What could it be?


Question for ya...just saw your videos for the first time so I'm wondering if you know much about diesel trucks, specifically the 5.9 cummins engine?

Hi scotty i whant to do a engine swap on my 1999 golf mk 4 1.6 petrol . Heres the question what kind of engines can i put in , im thinking about 1.8t engine from audi tt is it compatible ?

Hi I wanted to ask some car ppl if this sounds like a timing belt issue or not, I have a 2012 chevy cavalier that accelerates incredibly slow, and when left in idle will eventually stall and cut out. No engine light comes on and at first look I see nothing wrong under the hood with any fluids and no smoke is coming out of it. I think I've narrowed it down to the timing belt but I leave it up to you folks to help me out a bit!

First thing I would check is the fuel pressure to me it sounds like low pressure due to pump or regulator
I believe if timing belt skipped that it wouldn’t start properly
I could be wrong so someone correct me if I am wrong

I would also change the in line fuel filter also just Incase it’s dirty and restricting the flow of fuel

Hi scotty,

How are ya?
Love your work! Keep up the great work!
I have 2002 toyota duet M100- daihatsu storia-sirion-boon. All the same cars, which is the proper recommend oil to be used in the cars engine and what is the right coolant to be used. Also if you have a users manual on you and if you could share it, that would be out of this work.

Thank you in advance