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Hey there Scotty. I have a 2011 Dodge Avenger LUX with the Pentastar 3.6L V6. I recently got the engine to trip some fault codes for the oxygen sensors and cat converter (driver's side) according to the dealership. However, upon coming home, I noticed that the car's coolant level was low (a solid 1/2 gallon). I bought some replacement coolant (50/50 mix appropriate for the car), and suddenly the engine light went turned off on its own after start up. Well, today, I noticed that after a trip totaling another 200 miles, my engine coolant was a smidge low again. My dad and I did a coolant pressure test (i.e., we brought the pressure up to 16 psi, per the coolant cap) and noticed that the pressure dropped to 13 psi after about 30 minutes (slow leak?). Given the above, I'm thinking that the real problem is a head gasket leak where the coolant is leaking into the combustion chamber.

Should I try Steel Seal? Should I take the car BACK to the dealership and inform them that their previous "diagnostic" testing failed to note the lack of coolant? I also noticed that the temp on both cat converters (per my Kiwi3 ODBII sensor and phone app) was registering 1350F (give or take a few degrees here or there). So, am I looking at a cat converter issue or is it more likely a head gasket issue? Or am I missing something that's even worse?!?

do a head gasket blown test first. if so try sealer snd sell it fast. Those engines stink


Scotty, I have an 05 3.0-U Taurus, was getting po300 code, repl'd wires, reset now get po302. Plugs & coil pack 2k old, ck'd #2 plug - had vertical crack in ceramic so repl'd. btw, misfire is very apparent. Did drop test - good spark on ALL 6. #2 gave less engine effect but still strong spark. Any clues what the problem is? Thanks

Swap the #2 injector to another cylinder and see if misfire moves, also verify engine compression. I also only use Motorcraft parts for Fords when it comes to ignition components.

Have 2002 civic that makes a rear clicking noise when braking

Hey Scottie I have a Toyota corolla 2010 LE. When im driving my car it feels like its pulling back. I press the gas and when I let go it feels like its pulling backwards.. Is this normal? If not how do i fix it?

Assuming automatic transmission...ok, sounds stupid but you're sure you're in Drive and not 2nd or Low? Does your car have a tach? How many RPMs is your engine doing when you let off the gas as described? If you were to come up to speed then shift into neutral and let off the gas, do you still feel it pulling back? If so maybe brake or wheel bearing problem. If not, could be transmission related. I defer to the experts at this point. ..

Hello Scotty this is Jacob, just wondering if you knew how to fix a horn issue on a Crown Vic police interceptor I don't have Operators manual to it did not come with one when I brought it it does not say with a horn fuse is can you suggest some possible scenarios where I would be able to look into getting that fixed one of your suggestions 🤔 ?

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