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Hi Scotty, I just recently had my power steering line fixed and rerouted by my local Subaru dealer after the uel headers I installed melted a hole in the new line. The Subaru dealer made sure the pump and all the pulleys were good after the fix and sent me on my way. Well a few months later I start to hear a slight noise while accelerating, and as time has gone on the noise has gotten louder and happens more often. The squeal makes itself known at 30mph and 40-55 mph under acceleration and deceleration. Also the power steering goes in an out. I thought that this may be a belt tension issue so I gave the original belts more tension but it didn't solve the problem. So I went and bought 2 new drive belts and put them on but the sound is still there. My friend seems to think it is a bearing going out on one of the pulleys and now I'm starting to think that it is one of the pulleys also. I've asked several people this question and most commonly I'm told that the power steering pump is going out but the sound continues even when the car is going in a straight line and the pump doesn't make any noise. All the videos I've seen have only shown a car making a squealing noise while sitting still or when it's first started up. My Subaru starts fine with no belt noise what so ever even when revved sitting still. This noise only appears when the car is in drive or reverse and under acceleration or deceleration.

Hi this Tyrell butler. I got a 2003 Buick lesabre but my car don’t have any power come on are want start up. What you think the problems would be. Thanks

hi Scotty. 2002 Toyota Tundra 4.7 starts hard when cold, after it’s been driven and hot it starts easy, wondering why?

Hey Scotty. What is there real deference between regular gas and supreme gas. I know that octane is the ability of a fuel to resist ignition under compression but why is it that mazdas sky active engine with a compression ratio of 15:1 can run on regular gas but older vw engines with a compression ratio of 10:1 require premium fuel?

Hey Scotty, I have a 2006 Ford Escape, it was a passed relatives cars and I received it. I love it and the only issue I have is that is has no keyless entry system. Should I purchase an aftermarket remote starter/keyless entry system from a place like Best Buy? If so do you have any suggestions or advice on the topic. Some say they are finicky and not worth it or can cause problems. What’re your thoughts?

Second Glance's Dan voice Hey Scotty!....Jesus man! Anyway, I have a problem witth my 2004 Dodge Neon 2.0L. I bought it from my older brother, drove it and everything seemed fine. The next day, I tried starting it but it wont turn over. It cranks but it wont come on. I changed the spark plugs, battery and still it wont turn over. Whenever I crank it, somewhere around the air filter assembly shoots some air up. What must I do to get her back on the road? Please and thank you.

I've a couple of questions. My cruise control and horn don't work in my 1993 C1500? All it needs to work is a horn wire but my auto parts store saying it's
unfixable. My cruise works on very rare occasions but I think it could be a short in the wiring or bad control rod in the steering column. Also my 2011 Chevy hhr the electronic stability control (ESC) light comes on more than normal. After awhile is says service it but I just had a wheel bearing replace. It almost fixed the problem but again abnormally came on a few more times than the service (ESC) light came on again after they cleared it the first time any advice?

Hey Scotty,

I have a question about something strange that happened to my transmission filter. Recently, I replaced the transmission kick down solenoid pack in my truck. I reprogrammed the new solenoid, and everything worked great. Soon thereafter, I get a code saying I have low trans fluid pressure. I dropped the pan to discover my transmission filter has a crack busted open in the side where the plastic meets the metal.
I called a few tranny specialists, and they’ve never seen anything like it.

Do you know what could have caused this?

I drive a ‘12 Ram with 65rfe tranny 6 speed.

I’ll attach a photo so you can see.

Thanks Scotty!

I've had good response to questions . I'm wondering if Kia Optima has good reputation. Is it a good car. A freind said it is. What's the general consensus?

Hi Scotty
My Jeep Liberty traction control light has come on while driving in particular when steering doesn't stay on for long, what might this be?