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i have an 83 toyota 4x4. I have replaced the battery, volt regulator, and the alt. and am still only getting a little over 12 volts at the battery

hey scotty love your videos I've always wanted a Pontiac grand prix because they don't make them anymore what's your opinion on them or should I get a Buick lacrosse instead

Scotty, i own a dodge journey 2012 and i wanted some input on a issue with the ETC light turning on. At first my car would not start. I jump started my battery and that is when i noticed that after my car starting the idling is off. Don't know if this info helps but I am lost.

Hey scotty, I own a 07 honda civic si, I got a clutch replacement in the summer & when driving i noticed while in 3rd gear & above theres a grinding noise when engine breaking, it gets worse & worse the more I let off the gas. If you can help me figure out what the problem is

Hi Scotty, my son's 2001 VW Jetta 1.8T 175k miles quit on him while in the freeway going 65 mph. It did not overheat, there are no leaks, no mixing of coolant and oil. At "pep boys" where it was towed they checked and the timing belt did not break but had 2 missing teeth. They say that the cylinder head malfunctioned. It wont turn over when started, the starter just spins. My question is, is it just the cylinder head that is wrong or the entire engine? or something else? Thank you.

Hi Sir, I own a Honda City IDSI 1.3 /L13A. Today I just tried to adjust its valve clearance and plugs maintenance, no trouble there but as I tried to start the car it just misfired. I cranked it again it started but kept on misfiring. It also smelled like fuel around the car, then I just noticed that car is spitting excessive amount of petrol from exhaust pipe. I re-did every thing but no luck and still is spitting fuel. Please help...

Sorry its model is 2008

Hey Scotty,
I've this 2003 mitsubishi eclipse 4 cyl.
I've just rebuilt the engine, it was blue printed.
The wire of the old knock sensor was pluged in the harness, but it was broken and someone ( another mechanic) put the two wire (negative and positive) to each other, tape them.
I've put a know a new knock sensor in.
Ok now this is the thing, I start the car with the maf plugged in and rev it, the engine knock at the beginning of the rev (like a rod knock) and the tps when I move it it does not response, ( to put the engine idle low or high).
If I go and unplugged the maf, then rev the car no knock nothing, and the tps is responding.
There was a time yesterday I've rev the car with the maf plugged in, and the car rev good with no knock nothing. then again it started doing it.
I realy don't know what else to check, I also thinking that the two wires they put together did something to the computer.
Pls man I wish you can help me out with this, Thanks


Hello Scotty, I live in CT and have several Toyota front/AWD cars ranging from 2008 to 2017 (2008 prius, 2016 RX350 and 2017 Rav Hibrid). I also put snows on a 2001 oddy and a 2004 accord. My wife likes 4 snows on her car for winter and I ab-liege her. I purchased 4 rim/tire combo's from TireRack. Had TPMS sensors installed which is where my problem begins. I cannot find an affordable programmer that can read the sensor and then program it into the car. I have to slept over to the dealer and have them program the sensors twice a year (snows on, snows off). Can you offer assistance Mr Miyagi :) There doesn't seem to be a affordable commercial product, all I've been able to find are professional grade programmers. Are you aware of a commercial / semi-pro product. I'm a do-it yourself-er for most things, oil, brakes and snows. Love your YouTube channel, you're a character, really interesting to watch and listen too. I'm sixty and my back is killing me this time of year, having the programmer won't help my back but instead in the long run I'll be able to keep my wallet closed more often.