97 rav4

ignition system mystery problem

I have been trying to fix my 97 RAV4 for 4 months. It will not fire. I have replaced plugs, wires, distributor, and ignition coil. I took it to Toyota dealer to do diagnostic and they said there are no shorts in the wiring and it looks like a bad igniter. I replaced the igniter and the crank position sensor. I am lost. The only thing left to try is a brand new igniter because I have tried 2 from different salvage yards. I was concerned about the old gas so I used starting fluid but it still wont fire up. Is there anything else I can try? It's motor runs great and I don't want to scrap it.

igniters often went bad, I'd try a new one first, If not that, bad main computer IF wiring is good

I bought a new igniter today and still nothing. I have also replaced the computer already.

did you have the new computer programmed